Our solutions cater to a wide host of sectors and requirements:


Our unsurpassed breakthrough in 100 per cent bioavailability enhances vitamin absorption to unprecedented levels.


Our expertise in solubilisation technology can be applied to new innovative formulations to aid in health enhancement.


With enhanced delivery and absorption levels, novel and revolutionary new beauty products can be developed and existing formulas vastly improved.


No chemicals or toxins are used in our solubilisation technology and this translates to zero release of toxin into our environment; mother earth and even with complete nutrient absorption.

Food Processing

The solubilised compounds and actives extend shelf life of food products for up to two years in a natural and pure form (without the use of chemicals and prohibitive substances)


Solubilisation offers new delivery systems to conventional drug therapies,revolutionalizing the way illnesses and diseases can be treated without the use of harmful toxins to the body or any side-effects.

The application of our technology is limitless and offers infinite possibilities for every industry.

Beyond the X-Lab® SYSTEM 100 solutions, our belief in a partnership approach also means that each partner who collaborates with us is given our fullest support and commitment to develop specific contract formulations, create new formulations or enhance existing formulations and products.