I think future of Soluble Curcumin (Genus Serum) is great.

I, Dr. Anish Maru, DM Senior Medical Oncologist & Director, SEAROC Cancer Center, Jaipur, India was introduced to Soluble Curcumin (Genus Serum) by Dr. Lothar Haegele. I have used this in diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, arthritis, hypo pigmentation of skin, allergies, and cancer patients and found it very effective with almost negligible side effects like mild nausea.

Dr.Anish Maru (MD,DM)
Medical Oncologist
Director & Senior Consultant
Searoc Cancer Center

The whole family is now a regular user of it and we are really reaping health benefits.

I do not have much passion in using herbal drugs until Genus serum was introduced to me. I found it very effective in giving me high energy especially when I do my physical work-ups. Normally, I used to have about 130/90 before using the product. This time as I am now using Genus serum regularly, my blood pressure reads 120/90 before work ups and down to 110/90 afterwards indicating an efficient blood circulation. Further, before using the product, my bone density was at the lower limit of osteoporosis but now, it has gone down to the osteopenia level. Moreover, my son-in-law, who used to suffer arthritic joint pains, now is able to go back to his sports activity after using it. I am feeling highly invigorated and happy as I use the product.

Mr. Virgilio Sabas
62 years old
Quiling Sur, Batac City, Ilocos norte

Diabetes is an epidemic among Natives of America

I was introduced to Genus Serum through Dr. Lothar Haegele, Scientist and CEO for X-Lab, Singapore. I started taking Genus Serum for by diabetes and my blood sugar came down 40 points. I want to keep taking it to bring it to even a lower level. To find out for yourself on Genus Serum look at the website: http://www.genusserum.com/ I am thankful for this Genus Serum and it can help reduce our Native epidemic diseases that exist among Natives. Read for yourself the health benefits. It is helping me feel better.
Terrance H. Booth, Sr
The Tsimshian Tribe of Alaska

My father 47 year, male, was suffering from Osteoarthritis with obesity. I am introduced to Genus Serum by Dr. Anish Maru. I started it on him and after 2 month, the weight was reduced by 4Kg. He was also having difficulty in walking but now the pain subsided and the need of painkiller cut down.

Dr. Lokesh Goyal
Hindon City, Rajasthan, India

My father, 65 years old male, suffered from triple vessel disease and was advised for by-pass surgery but due to diabetes and chronic renal failure (S. Creatinine 6.2) he could not undergo any procedure. I was introduced to Genus Serum by Dr. Anish Maru. After 2 months of consumption, S.Creatinine came down to 1.2 and he is completely fine now.

Dr. Sunil Kumar
Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, India

I was introduced to Genus Serum by Dr. Anish Maru for weight loss and improving general well-being. I’m also having leucoderma (white patches) and after 15days of usage, I noticed appearance and increasing of black spots on my skin which shows sign of recovery.

Kamlesh Sharma
Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India